The apparent Pornstar Kinsey Wolanski makes comments after Champions League

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Champions League streaker Kinsey Wolanski has denied claims she has participated in porn - and also detailed how she plans to use her new-found fame to become a property mogul.

The model interrupted the European showdown between Liverpool and their Premier League rivals Tottenham this month, an incident that has gained her much attention.

Kinsey, 22, sprinted across the Wanda Metropolitano pitch after around 20 minutes of the game in a black swimsuit which promoted her boyfriend's website during the match.

As a direct result of Kinsey's intrusion, her Instagram followers went up from around 300,000 before the event to over three million afterwards.

Her boyfriend is Vitaly Zdorovetskiy - whose porn website Vitaly Uncensored boasts to be full of "wild pranks, t**s and a**" - and he has also reaped the rewards of the stunt.

Reports in the aftermath of the pitch invasion claimed that more than 32 million people have now registered to his website, with £3m gained in advertising as a result. 

But she put those reports to bed during the Q&A session, though she did show her support for those who work in the industry.

Kinsey replied: "After a few inaccurate articles online I'll clarify this. I have never modelled topless or nude. I most definitely have not done porn.

"(Any women that have I absolutely support you though, you go girl! Do whatever the F*** you want.)"

The model then made clear her desire to focus her attention on her real estate dream, seemingly intent on making the most of her new fame.

She added: "I'm a real estate agent and investor. My long-term goal is to save everything I make and invest it back into real estate.

"Build an empire and have passive income."

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