Xiaomi's Double-Folding Phone Will Compete With The Best

First Leaf Desk 2019-03-30 technology

Xiaomi has posted a fresh teaser video for its bifold Android device. Like the Huawei Mate X, Xiaomi’s open tablet has thin, regular bezels on all sides, and when it folds the screen wraps around the outside. The Xiaomi difference is that its foldable folds twice. So far, only Samsung’s Galaxy Fold promises a foldable phone with the display on the inside, with every other manufacturer preferring to put the display on the exterior. This sidesteps the thorny problem of creating a crease at the point of the device’s fold, but it also puts the screen in much more danger of getting scratched or otherwise tarnished.

Now the company posted a 10-second teaser video on Weibo, where the foldable phone is going from tablet to phone mode. Xiaomi's unique foldable design sees both sides of the screen fold back to turn the device into a phone form factor. The teaser gives us a better look at the double-fold design, and the swipe-to-left gesture suggests Xiaomi will offer MIUI's gesture-based navigation on the device.

It looks like Xiaomi intends to launch the phone sometime in Q2, with the device slated to cost in the vicinity of $1,000. That's a lot for a Xiaomi phone, but it will still be less than half of what Samsung and Huawei are charging for their foldable devices.

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